Admission Regulations 

U. Challenge for Credit

A significant number of students are entering university having acquired, by work experience and/or forms of study other than attendance at university, a high level of competence in certain areas closely related to courses offered at this University. The Challenge for Credit scheme makes it possible for the University to give recognition to such attainment.

The regulations which follow provide a mechanism for Departments to offer Challenge for Credit examinations in courses which they consider appropriate.

The challenge for Credit scheme does not apply to the School of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Law, or the Faculty of Education.

  1. a. Only students who have been admitted to a degree, diploma, or certificate program at the University of New Brunswick may challenge for credit.
    b. The result of Challenge examinations will be recorded subsequent to registration.
  2. Normally, a request for challenge for credit will not be considered after one year from the date of the student's first registration in a degree, diploma, or certificate program at UNB.
  3. A student may receive credit by Challenge only when registered in a formal degree, diploma, or certificate program, i.e. no credit for students in "no degree", "visiting", or "qualifying" programs.
  4. A student shall not be allowed to to challenge for credit more than once in any course.
  5. No student may challenge for credit in a course for which the student has previously registered (including registration for an audit) either at UNB or any other university or equivalent institution. 
  6. a. The maximum credit which a student may obtain by challenge is whichever is the lesser of the 30 credit hours or 25% of the requirements of the program. (Please note certain Faculties may have a more restrictive policy.)
    b. Students must still complete at least 50% of the program at UNB excluding credits obtained by Challenge.
  7. A student on "academic probation" or "required to withdraw" may not challenge for credit.
  8. A student may not challenge for credit in a course of a lower level than one already attempted.
  9. Courses challenged will be identified as such on the student's transcript and will be shown as "credit" (CR), or "No Credit" (NCR). A grade of 'C' must be obtained for credit to be allowed.
  10. The challenge for credit will normally be in the form of a comprehensive examination. In some cases additional proof of expertise, such as evidence of laboratory experience, will be required.
  11. The Department or faculty member concerned will determine the content and form of the challenge for credit examination.
  12. Applications must be approved by the department concerned which should be satisfied that there is a responsible basis for requesting a challenge, such as previous work or educational experience.
  13. a. Challenge for credit examinations will be held only on the campuses of the University of New Brunswick.
    b. Normally, challenge examinations will be held during the first week of lectures in the Fall Term or, in the case of a student admitted to start in January, during the first week of lectures in the second or Winter Term. Application to challenge for credit must be made 30 days in advance of these examination periods. At the discretion of the department concerned and with the agreement of the Registrar, this period may be shortened (e.g. if an examination paper suitable for challenge for credit is already available).

Applications must be accompanied by the appropriate fee in full (Section C.)

Application forms are available at the Registrar's Office.