Admission Regulations

S. Application Fraud or Misconduct

  1. Undergraduate students who at the time of application fail to provide required information regarding attendance at another post-secondary institution will normally be required to withdraw from the University for a period of at least twelve months. Where a student is required to withdraw,
    a. work taken during the period after the failure to disclose will be considered for credit only if the student is readmitted and after consultation with the Faculty concerned; and
    b. the notation "Required to Withdraw" will be a permanent statement on the student's transcript of record.
    Where the Registrar has reason to believe that a student failed at the time of application to disclose attendance at another post-secondary institution as required, the Registrar, where possible, shall discuss the matter with the student.
  2. Where the Registrar determines that the student failed to disclose such information as required, the Registrar shall impose such penalty as considered appropriate in the circumstances. The Registrar shall: 
    a. notify the student of the decision and penalty imposed;
    b. provide the student with the basis and reasons for the decision
    c. advise the student of the right to appeal to the appropriate Senate Admissions Committee; and 
    d. in the event of an appeal, request that the student submit a written statement regarding the case within three weeks, and encourage the student to be present when the case is heard.
    The regulations with respect to a student's right to appeal on an academic matter shall apply with any necessary modifications to a case referred to the Committee involving a failure to disclose attendance at another post-secondary institution.  
  3. Where there is evidence of fraud found in the application process, the University may, at its discretion, share the relevant applicant's personal information with the organization against whom the fraud has been perpetrated.