Admission Regulations

R. New Brunswick Youth Apprenticeship Program

The following action has been approved for this group of applicants:

  1. The University of New Brunswick guarantees successful New Brunswick Youth Apprenticeship students access to relevant undergraduate programs, which are accessible directly from high school, provided all minimum requirements for admission are met and enrollments are not limited;
  2. An application deadline of 15 February has been created for such applicants and where it appears that the level of interest shown by student apprentices exceeds 5% of anticipated enrollment, a competition will be established to stay within this target;
  3. Such applicants are required to submit a Youth Apprenticeship Program progress report in addition to the normal admission documentation to provide verification of participation and to provide background information should the need arise to open a competition;
  4. Such students may be referred to the Challenge for Credit regulations in the event that they have acquired, by the work experience and occupational training within the Apprenticeship Program, a high level of competence in certain areas closely related to UNB courses.