Admission Regulations

P. Re-Admissions

  1. Students who have been absent from study for a period of at least 12 consecutive months since their last attendance are required to seek re-admission. Students re-admitted to the original or another program of study following an absence from study, or re-admitted since being required to withdraw, will normally follow the calendar for the year study resumes. Individual faculties may have established additional conditions. Students should refer below for further information concerning re-admission since being required to withdraw.
  2.  Students who have been required to withdraw from this university or any other university or college will not be accepted, under any circumstances, in the following academic year. Such students may be considered for readmission or admission after they have spent some time (at least 12 months) away from university and can provide a satisfactory personal letter outlining why they feel they will now be successful as well as a satisfactory letter of recommendation from employers and/or others. The admitting faculty or the Admissions Committee may require evidence, such as successful completion of designated courses, that applicants are likely to be successful in further studies.
  3. A student readmitted since being required to withdraw from this university or any other university, will automatically be on academic probation. Failure to meet the normal academic regulations at the next time of assessment will result in final dismissal from the program. Further applications for readmission to the program will not be considered.