Admission Regulations

F. Admission with Advanced Standing

  1. The University of New Brunswick welcomes and encourages applications from International Baccalaureate students. UNB offers transfer credits for successfully completed Higher Level courses (with a minimum grade of 5, 6 or 7) in English, French, History, Economics, Math, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
  2. Credit may be given for appropriate courses if an applicant has completed at least one full year of CEGEP. Normally, a minimum mark of 65% will be required in each subject for which credit is sought.
  3. Applicants from overseas who already possess entrance requirements as stated on GCE 'O' level or its equivalent may be considered for transfer credit, for appropriate courses in the program they propose to enter, on the basis of GCE 'A' level passes with at least a minimum grade of 'C'.
  4. Applicants that have written AP exams may be eligible for advance credit. Minimum grade requirements and specific transfer courses will depend upon the particular AP course and program applied for. Applicants should have official results forwarded to the Admissions Office for assessment.
  5. An admitted applicant who has taken recognized OAC credits may be considered for transfer credit in appropriate courses. Normally a mark of 65% will be required in each subject for which credit is sought. In some subjects a higher grade may be required.
  6. The maximum amount of transfer credit which may be allowed will not be more than the normal number of credit hours in first year of the program to which the student is admitted.