Important Notices 

This Calendar is printed some months before the year for which it is intended to provide guidance, and students are advised that matters dealt with in it are under continuing review and revision. The content of this Calendar is subject to change without notice, and every student accepted for registration in the University shall be deemed to have agreed to any such deletion, revision or addition whether made before or after said acceptance.

The University will make every reasonable effort to offer courses as required within programs. Prospective students should note that admission to a degree or other program does not guarantee admission to any given course except those specified as required within that program. Students should select elective courses so as to ensure that courses are taken at the most appropriate time within their schedule.

The University of New Brunswick does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage suffered or incurred by any student as a result of suspension or termination of services, courses or classes caused by reason of strikes, lockouts, riots, weather, damage to university property or for any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the University of New Brunswick.

Inquiries regarding academic matters should be directed to one of the Offices of the Registrar

Fredericton Campus 

2nd Floor, Sir Howard Douglas Hall

University of New Brunswick, 

Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 5A3

Telephone: (506)453-4864 Fax: (506) 453-5016


Saint John Campus

Room 141, Phillip W. Oland Hall 

University of New Brunswick 

Saint John, New Brunswick, E2L 4L5

Telephone: (506) 648-5670 Fax: (506) 648-5691