Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

TME4025Product Design and Development8 ch (2C 2T 4L) (W) (EL)
Full-year Product Design and Development course (fall and winter of same academic year) which may be taken in place of the final-year design course in most engineering program. The cornerstone is a project in which teams of 4 or 5 students conceive, design and prototype a product. The proposed solution would use modern tools and methods for product design and development, and should meet a broad range of constraints including health and safety, sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Weekly class sessions are conducted in lecture or workshop mode and employ cases and hands-on exercises to reinforce the key ideas. Topics include identifying customer needs, concept generation, product architecture, industrial design, and design-for-manufacturing.

: Restricted to students who have met the requirements of the capstone design course in their engineering program, and have received approval from both their degree program coordinator and the TME program Chair.

NOTE: TME 5025 is an 8 ch course and if the final-year design course in your degree program is assigned less than 8 ch, the additional credit hours may only  be used to meet degree program requirements subject to approval of your program coordinator.  Please consult your degree program coordinator for the position of your Department on this course.