SOCI2801Food and Culture (Cross-Listed: ANTH 2801)3 ch
Introduces theories and methods in the growing field of food studies. Few things are more important to human beings than food. Food is profoundly cultural, which makes it a topic of interest to social scientists concerned with the comparative study of culture and society across time and space. On the one hand, what is considered edible, what is seen as good to eat, and how it all embeds in changing ways of life all varies depending on cultural, social, economic, and political contexts. On the other hand, thinking about nutrition, energy, diet, and what is left behind opens a valuable window on societies, past and present. The course goal is a practical guide to the study of food, its core ideas, and its methodologies, with the goal of bringing order and insight to the diverse relationships between people and what they eat. NOTE: Credit can only be obtained for one of ANTH 2801 and SOCI 2801.