PHYS4983Introduction to General Relativity (Cross-Listed: MATH 4483) (A)3 ch (3C)

Role within the programme and connections to other courses. Along with quantum theory, general relativity is one of the central pillars of modern theoretical physics with wide-ranging implications for astrophysics and high energy physics. The essential idea is that gravitation is a manifestation of the curvature of spacetime rather than a force in Newtonian sense. This course will provide students with a basic working understanding of general relativity and an introduction to important applications such as black holes and cosmology.
Content. Review and geometric interpretation of special relativity; foundations of general relativity; linearized gravity and classical tests; black holes; cosmology. Credit cannot be obtained for both MATH 4483 and PHYS 4983.

Prerequisites: MATH 3463/PHYS 3912, MATH 4473 or permission of the instructor.