Mechanical Engineering

ME4860Senior Design Project8 ch (1C 2T 4L) (W) (EL)

A mechanical engineering design is developed and documented in the form of a technical report. Students normally work in approved teams. Industrial projects are developed in cooperation with industry and may require some period of time on site. University-based projects are developed in cooperation with university faculty. The first stage of this process involves definition of the project topic, background studies, and development of a conceptual design. An oral examination is conducted towards the end of the first term, and a written preliminary report is submitted. In the second term, a detailed design is prepared, the project is completed and orally examined, and a final report is submitted. One of the laboratory weekly hours is designated for a scheduled meeting with project advisor(s). Workshops involve practice exercises, relevant to student projects, on: problem definition and formulation, project planning, teamwork, information and communication; conceptual, parametric and configuration designs; and professional, environmental, social, human factors, and safety aspects of design.

Restricted to students who have completed at least 110 ch in their program.
Prerequisites: ME 3341 and ME 3345. Recommended prerequisite: ME 3524. Prerequisite for Mechatronics Option students: ME 4673.

Co-requisiteME 4861.