Mechanical Engineering

ME3433Heat Transfer I3 ch (3C 1T)

Conduction: One-dimensional steady conduction and applications. Thermal properties. The differential equations of conduction; analytic and numerical solutions to two-dimensional problems and applications. Unsteady conduction lumped and differential approaches with applications. Temperature measurement. Convection: Dynamic similarity and dimensional analysis; boundary layer theory and applications to flow over heated/cooled surfaces; laminar and turbulent flow-free convection. Heat transfer with change of phase. Radiation: the laws of black body radiation; Kirchhoff's law and gray body radiation. Combined modes of heat transfer: heat exchanger design; augmentation of heat transfer; fins and thermocouples. Environmental heat exchange. Equivalent to CHE 3304.

Prerequisites: (ME 2413 or ME 3413 ), (ME 3511 or ME 3513).