NOTE: See the beginning of Section H for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

LAT1103Introductory Latin I3 ch (3C)

An introduction to the Classical Latin language spoken and written by Ancient Romans.  This introduction presupposes no previous knowledge of the language, and students should be aware that this course is conducted in English.

LAT1113Introductory Latin II3 ch (3C)

A continuation of the introduction to Classical Latin. 

Prerequisite: LAT 1103 or equivalent.
LAT2105Intermediate Latin3 ch (3C)

An intensive intermediate course in Classical Latin language designed to prepare the successful student for the reading of Latin texts from classical literature. 

Prerequisite: LAT 1123 or equivalent.  NOTE: Students who do not complete both LAT 2105 and LAT 3105 will receive only 3 ch for this course. 

LAT3105Beginning Classical Latin Reading3 ch (3C)

This course is intended for students who wish to continue the study of Latin to the Advanced level.

Prerequisite: LAT 2105 or equivalent. 

LAT3113Reading Classical Latin Authors I3 ch (3C)

A reading course designed to strengthen skills in the reading of Classical Latin texts. 

Prerequisite: LAT 3105 or equivalent.

LAT3123Reading Classical Latin Authors II3 ch (3C)
LAT3133Advanced Latin I3 ch (3C)
LAT3143Advanced Latin II3ch (3C)
LAT3153Directed Reading in Latin 3 ch
By arrangement with the department, students who have completed LAT 3103 and an additional 12ch of advanced courses in Latin may register for this course after consulting with the directing Faculty Member on the selections to be read.