KIN3001Introduction to Research Methods in Kinesiology3 ch (3C)

Introduces basic concepts in research methods and experimental design relevant to the area of kinesiology including recreation and leisure studies. It is also designed to create a better understanding of the principles, concepts, terminology, and instruments used in measurement and analysis in the various sub-domains of kinesiology. The course will focus on the scientific method, with both quantitative and qualitative research being discussed. Topics include: different methods of knowledge, strategies of discovery, ethical issues, observation (systematic and self-report observational methods), measurement (reliability, validity, objectivity), experimental design (randomized and non-randomized designs, survey design and subject selection), and data analysis (descriptive and inferential statistics). Finally, research reporting and the A.P.A. format will also be examined. 

Prerequisite: STAT 2263 or STAT 2264 or equivalent.