ECON3055Public Policy Analysis3 ch (3C)

Introduces public policy analysis from an economic perspective. It covers both microeconomic policy (how and why governments intervene in the marketplace, and the criteria for such intervention)and macroeconomic policy (whether actual stabilization policies are effective). It develops the necessary tools to discuss public policy, and applies them to various sub-fields (such as labour, taxation, government, spending, trade, monopoly, fisheries, etc). The discussion is located in the Canadian context: the assignment of government functions in our Constitution, and fiscal federalism.

Prerequisites: 3 ch of first-year microeconomics (ECON 1001, or ECON 1013, or ECON 1014) and 3 ch of first-year macroeconomics (ECON 1002, or ECON 1023, or ECON 1024), or ECON 1073.