Comparative Cultural Studies

CCS3794Music and Cultural Identity (O) (Cross-Listed: MUS 3794)3 ch (3C)

This course will examine some of the ways in which cultural (national, regional, ethnic, class, etc.) identity is and has been expressed through music, as well as the origins, persistence, and dispersion of some of the resultant forms and genres. This will also permit us to interrogate the stability and/or fluidity of various notions of identity. Critical and theoretical readings will be employed to explore the identity of cultural groups and musical forms ranging from Tango to Blues, Opera to protest song, Flamenco to Hip Hop, from Hawaii to Russia, Canada to South Africa. The course will normally be team-taught; no previous musical background required.  Open to students who have completed at least 30 ch of university courses or by permission of instructor. Students who have taken WLCS 3794, or MUS 3794 may not attain credit for CCS 3794.