CHEM4000Senior Research Projects9 ch (W) (EL)

CHEM 4000 is a project-based course where students conduct research under the supervision of a faculty member. Students must be in their final year of any Chemistry program or in any interdepartmental program involving Chemistry (including General Science) and must have a CGPA of 3.0 or better. Honours students in an interdepartmental program with chemistry may choose to complete their honours project in chemistry. A minimum of at least 9 scheduled hours per week is required throughout the year, and a thesis and seminar presentation will be required at the end of the academic year. Students must complete the application form, available from the CHEM 4000 co-ordinator, and submit it to the course coordinator no later than March 15th of their penultimate year. Upon consideration by the Department, applicants will be notified on May 1st of that year. Enrolment is subject to project availability. Students who are unsuccessful in procuring a CHEM 4000 project are encouraged to pursue an Honours by Course option, and should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss this option as soon as possible. NOTE: WHMIS certification required (see beginning of Chemistry Courses section for details).

Co-requisite: 4th year level lecture courses in selected project area.