BIOL3833Forensic Biology3 ch (3C)
Death is inevitable for all organisms; yet we are fascinated by death because, for most of us, it remains a mystery. This course will give students a foundation in the diverse field of forensic biology by examining the anatomical, physiological and biochemical basis of selected causes of death (forensic pathology), and investigating the processes and factors influencing human decomposition in a variety of conditions and environments (forensic taphonomy). It will also provide an introduction to other forensic sciences related to anthropology, ecology, entomology, and toxicology.

: Any two of the following: (BIOL 1711 or BIOL 1719), (BIOL 1782 or BIOL 1789 or BIOL 2792), BIOL 2003, BIOL 2023, BIOL 2063, (BIOL 2721 or BIOL 2761 or BIOL 2769), ANTH 2504, ANTH 2505, ANTH 3523, or permission of the instructor.