BIOL3453Plants and People3 ch (3C)

Plants have shaped people by influencing almost every aspect of our lives: how we live, eat, heal, and play. Likewise we continue to shape plants and plant communities through our desire for particular traits, products and environments. In this course we will discuss the biological, sociological and economic impact of our use of plants for food, drugs, shelter, landscaping and more. We will also explore some of New Brunswick’s important plant based economies such as lumber, potatoes and brewing. Course evaluation will focus on student projects/presentations of a chosen relevant topic.

Prerequisites: BIOL 1001 or BIOL 1009, BIOL 1006, BIOL 1012 or BIOL 1019, BIOL 1017, and either (one of BIOL 2003, BIOL 2013, BIOL 2023 or BIOL 2063, BIOL 2103), or (one of FOR 2113, FOR 2416, FOR 2425, FOR 2435, FOR 2505) or with the permission of the instructor.