Snodgrass Student Travel Awards


Open to Fredericton campus students with Honours in Psychology who are the first authors of a paper or poster presented at a peer-refereed psychological conference. A committee struck by the Chair of the Department of Psychology will recommend one or more awards to support travel to present an outstanding paper or poster at a national or international conference. The paper or poster must be judged, on the basis of a submitted abstract, to be of strong scholarly merit in terms of innovation, rigor, and potential to make a contribution to the discipline. Students are only eligible to receive one travel award during each academic year. Students must apply prior to attending the conference and must submit the abstract as well as written confirmation that the paper or poster has been accepted with their application.

How to Apply

The Psychology Department Chair, UNB Fredericton.


May 1 and October 1.


Snodgrass Fund to commemorate the contributions of Dr. Florence Snodgrass (BA 1924).