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Scoudouc River Continuing Education Awards

Field: Unrestricted. Tenable only at post-secondary institutions.
Value: Minimum $100 per course, maximum $300 per course.
Duration: A recipient may not receive more than one of thes.


These awards are intended for part-time students and are open to persons residing in New Brunswick who were not engaged in full-time study during the twelve month period preceding date of application. Awards are open to part-time students with a real need and may be used for study towards credit or non-credit programs. Major consideration will be given to the relationship of the applicant's study plans to present employment or future career aspiration. At the time of application, an applicant must be a New Brunswick resident and a Canadian citizen, or, if a Landed Immigrant, must have resided in New Brunswick for at least twelve consecutive months prior to application. Those who have received in the same year other major financial awards are not eligible for consideration.

How to Apply

Application forms are available from the Office of Continuing Education, Extension (or the like) at any New Brunswick university or college, or from any New Brunswick university or college, or from any of the offices of the New Brunswick Community College. Application forms must be completed fully and returned to the institution where the applicant will register for the course(s).


August 15 for Fall awards; December 1 for Winter awards; April 1 for Spring awards; June 1 for Summer awards.

Awarding Agency

Applications will be considered by the Scoudouc River Continuing Education Awards Selection Committee. Recommendations for awards will be orwarded to the President of the University of New Brunswick and successful applicants will be notified shortly thereafter.


The late Dr. William L. Webster.