Peter C. Kent Travel Study Award

Field: Unrestricted.
Value: Up to $5,000.
Number: 1 or more.
Duration: Summer term.


Awarded to a full-time UNB student, from either campus, who is enrolled in a UNB course or internship that takes place outside of Canada or has been accepted into an accredited post-secondary institution or course of study outside Canada. Preference is to be given to the students intending to apply for the Rome Program offered by the Faculties of Arts. Applicants will not be expected to have applied to the Rome Program before applying for this award. Selection is based on academic achievement and financial need. The Selection Committee will conduct interviews of the leading candidates before deciding who is to receive the scholarship.

How to Apply

Financial Aid, UNB Fredericton and Financial Aid, UNB Saint John.

Awarding Agency

The University, on the recommendation of a committee comprised of one of the directors of the Rome Program and the Deans of Arts of the Fredericton and Saint John campuses or their designates.


Dr. William S. Lewis and the University of New Brunswick.