Dr. Margot R. Roach Scholarship in Medicine

Field: Dalhousie Medical Program.
Value: $20,000.
Number: 4 or more.
Duration: 1 year.


Awarded to a student who has completed the requirements for an undergraduate degree program at either campus of the University of New Brunswick and has been accepted into the Dalhousie Medical Program being delivered on the UNB Saint John campus. Selection is based on academic achievement and financial need. The recipient must be a New Brunswick resident, according to the definition of the Provincial Government's Student Financial Services guidelines.

How to Apply



Completed application along with documentation confirming admission to the Dalhousie medical program at the UNB Saint John campus must be received on or before June 30.


Dr. Margot R. Roach (BSc 1955, DSc 1981) and the New Brunswick University Opportunities Fund.