Shaw, Alvin, Memorial Scholarship in Theatre | UNB

Alvin Shaw Memorial Scholarship in Theatre

Field: Arts.
Value: Variable.
Number: 1 or more.
Duration: Up to 4 years.


Awarded to a Fredericton campus student with preference given to a student enrolled in an Arts Faculty degree program who intends to complete a Drama Minor or a Major in English (drama). The recipient must enroll in ENGL/DRAM 1173 or 2173, 2174 or 2175 during his/her first year at UNB. Theatre experience, grades and awards earned for work in drama will be the primary consideration in the selection of the recipient. The renewal of the scholarship is contingent on satisfactory academic performance and progress through the program.

Awarding Agency

The University, on the recommendation of the Director of Drama.


Alvin Shaw.