Continuing Education and Programs for Part-Time Students 

Saint John Campus 

  1. The Saint John campus operates an integrated program which treats part-time students on essentially the same basis as full-time students. Credit courses are under the administrative control of the Faculties, and are scheduled at the time of day or evening which makes them most accessible to both the full-time and part-time clientele. Academic advising for part-time students is available through the Departments and Faculties, as it is for those in full-time studies.
  2. In addition to degree programs, the campus offers certificate programs in Data Analysis, and in Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Digital Business Design, Economics, Financial Markets, Communication and Professional Writing and General Studies, which are of particular relevance to part-time students. All courses offered towards a certificate are degree-credit courses and students who subsequently enroll in a degree program will normally be able to count courses taken towards the certificate as credits towards the degree. Another certificate program offered is the Certificate of Proficiency in French, Level I and II, which is open to students whether or not they are currently working towards a degree.
  3. A variety of non-degree courses is also offered to meet the needs of professional associations and other groups. 
  4. The Writing Centre; Counselling; Employment Liaison; information on scholarships and bursaries for part-time study; student success strategies; and financial advising for part-time students are available at the Student Services Centre, ground floor of Philip W. Oland Hall. Phone (506) 648-5501.
  5. The campus offers a Math Centre available for all full-time and part-time students regardless of degree program. Phone (506) 648-5776. 
  6. Saint John College offers English-Second-Language Training Courses for those who require further instruction in English in order to become proficient and to communicate and function effectivley in English at the post-secondary level. In addition its core programs, including English for Academic Purposes EAP, English as a Second Language Support, and the Pre-MBA Program, Saint John College offers the following courses and services:

a. Professional Development Programs which offer opportunities for professionals to develop their skills, to network, generate new ideas, build community connections, develop innovative practices and build professional and personal strength. 
b. Custom Second Language Courses (non-credit) which are specially designed for groups of students and professionals with varying needs and interests. These courses range from off-site corporate training to on-site specialty programs such as English Immersion.
c. Official English Language Testing Saint John College is an official testing site for the CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language) Assesment, for students requiring an official test of English proficiency. The CAEL Assessment is give on-site at regular intervals and results are accepted at most Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Information about degree-credit courses/certificate programs may be obtained from the Chair of the appropriate Department, the Dean of the Faculty of Business or, for Education courses, from the Education Coordinator for the campus, (506) 648-5674.