Cognitive Neuroscience

General Information
Cognitive neuroscience is a multi-disciplinary study of the neurological underpinnings of cognitive activity. Cognitive Neuroscience brings in perspectives from Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Computer Science to tackle the complex area of the neurological basis of cognition.

Admission to the minor in Cognitive Science is open to students who have completed 20 term-courses towards their degree and have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.0. The minor requires a minimum of 8 term-courses. Courses cannot be counted towards both a minor and a major. A minimum grade of C is necessary in all required courses.

Note: PSYC 1003 and PSYC 1004 is a minimum prerequisite for all Psychology courses unless otherwise indicated.

Psychology courses (5 term-courses) (Required)
PSYC 3383 Perception
PSYC 3693 Cognitive Processes
PSYC 3723 Human Neuropsychology (Prerequisite: PSYC 3711 Biological Psychology)
PSYC 4733 Cognitive Neuroscience (Prerequisites: PSYC 3711 and either PSYC 3383 or PSYC 3693 )

One of:
PSYC 3725 The Dementias
PSYC 4833 Psychopharmacology (Prerequisite: PSYC 3711 Biological Psychology)
PSYC 3503 Learning

Linguistic Courses (2 term-courses) (Required)
Two of:

LING 2101 Intro to Linguistics 1 (Prerequisites: 2 term-courses at 1000 level)
LING 3111 Language Acquisition
LING 3113 Phonetics to Phonology
LING 3202 Intro to Linguistics 2 (Prerequisite: LING 2101 )
LING 3224 Cognition and Language

Philosophy, Mathematics (1 term-course) (Required)
One of:PHIL 3141 Philosophy of the Mind (Prerequisite: one-term course in Philosophy)
MATH 3753 Applications of Mathematical Modelling (Prerequisites: one of STAT 3093 , PSYC 3913 ,
MATH 2013 , MATH 2513 ; or permission of instructor)