Psychology Courses

PSYC6005Principles of Psychological Science3 ch
This course provides an overview of research methods in psychology. The first part of the course concerns general research methods and professional issues. The second part covers specific research methods relevant to areas of psychology available on both UNB campuses. Possible topics include: field research, industrial/organizational, psychophysics and signal detection, operant and classical conditioning, cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, developmental psychology, and applied research. The actual topics covered will be tailored to the needs and interests of students enrolled in the course. This course is offered alternating years on the Fredericton and Saint John campuses.Prerequisites: None.
PSYC6013Advanced Statistics and Research Design I3 ch
The first part of this course will focus on reviewing the principles of research design and research methods. This includes the logic and principles of hypothesis testing, different types of research (nonexperimental research, experiments and surveys), research designs, and the basic foundations of measurement theory (not necessarily in that order). After a brief examination of descriptive statistics, we will go on to simple correlation, bivariate regression, and finally, the most general “univariate” technique, multiple regression. Required course.
Prerequisites: None.
PSYC6014Advanced Statistics and Research Design II3 ch
The first part of this course will continue on from PSYC 6013 with an emphasis on statistical analysis of relationships between variables. Within the context of multiple regression we will also examine techniques such as t-tests, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). Required course.Prerequisites: None.
PSYC6033Special Topics I3 ch
A reading course intended to provide an in-depth analysis of current theory, research and its applications in a specific area of psychology. Topics will be tailored to the interests of the student.Prerequisites: None.
PSYC6034Special Topics II3 ch
A reading course intended to provide an in-depth analysis of current theory, research and its applications in a specific area of psychology. Topics will be tailored to the interests of the student. Prerequisites: None.
PSYC6101Ethical Standards for Psychologists1.5 ch
This course will examine ethical standards for psychologists involved in research, teaching, and applied work based on the most recent version of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists. The course uses a problem-based learning approach in which students research relevant issues and then use the ethical standards to resolve ethical dilemmas. Class meetings will involve little or no lecturing but much discussion, informed by research and the Code of Ethics. Required Course.Prerequisites: None.
PSYC6103Proseminar I: Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behaviour3 ch
Recent research and thinking on cognitive and emotional aspects of behavior are explored through journal articles with special attention paid to appropriate offerings in Psychological Review, Psychological Bulletin, and to the comprehensive review and commentary exchange articles in Brain and Behavior. Required Course.Prerequisites: None.
PSYC6203Proseminar II: Biological Bases of Behaviour3 ch
This course highlights some of the most recent developments in behavioural brain research. Topics may include various aspects of cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, psychopharmacology, behavior genetics, and neuroimaging. Required course.

Prerequisites: None.

PSYC6303Proseminar III: Social Bases of Behaviour3 ch
This course examines various aspects of the causes, development, and maintenance of social behavior. Required course.Prerequisites: None.
PSYC6403Proseminar IV: Individual Differences3 ch
This course is concerned with understanding the major sources of variation in human behaviour, with an emphasis on biological, cognitive, development, personality, cultural/ethnicity, and gender-based differences. Research methodology for the study of individual differences will also be discussed. Required course.Prerequisites: None.
PSYC6503Topics in Experimental Psychology I3 ch
Students are required to design and conduct an original research study.
PSYC6997Master Thesiscr
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