PSYC6623Advanced Practicum in Clinical Psychology0 ch
Students are required to complete an additional 300 practicum hours in a pre-authorized practicum setting of their choice. They may complete these remaining hours as part of one or both of the primary practical placements (i.e., PSYC 6621 or PSYC 6622) or by completing an additional advanced practicum in a setting of their choice. The aim of this advanced practicum is to provide students with an opportunity to acquire clinical skills on a specialized clinical problem or more advanced skills with a particular clinical population. Students may complete practicum training in any pre-authorized practicum setting provided that they have the prerequisite clinical courses and approval from the Practicum Coordinator. The practicum may be taken on either a full-time or a part-time basis as long as the student spends at least 250 hours in the selected setting. Practicum training will normally begin in the summer term of the second year and extend over the next two years of the program. In order to be credited toward practicum hours, the necessary documentation must be submitted to the Practicum Coordinator. Please refer to the Practicum Policy Manual for further details. Required course.Prerequisites: PSYC 6101 , PSYC 6202 , PSYC 6203 , PSYC 6205 , PSYC 6211 , PSYC 6212 , PSYC 6311 , PSYC 6312 , PSYC 6621 and PSYC 6622 .