Political Science Courses

POLS6101Topics in American Politics3 ch
Topics examined will include race, class, gender, and religion in American politics and in American foreign policy in the post-1945 period, with a special focus on the 1960s and the rise of the New Right as a reaction to the 1960s.
POLS6241Canadian Foreign Policy3 ch
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POLS6251Canadian Federalism3 ch
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POLS6257Law and Politics in Canada3 ch
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POLS6292Self-Government and Aboriginal Community3 ch
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POLS6293Topics in Canadian Politics3 ch
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POLS6295Topics in Public Policy3 ch
Examines selected themes in the area of public policy -- for example: poverty policy, health care policy or urban politics. Precise topics covered will vary depending on the instructor.
POLS6361Economics and Politics of Transition3 ch
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POLS6373The Middle East States3 ch
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POLS6413Modern Theories of the State3 ch
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POLS6416Canadian Ideas3 ch
This course will examine recurring ideas in the Canadian political experience. These include: federalism, liberalism, conservatism, socialism, English-Canadian nationalism and French-Canadian nationalism.
POLS6423Late Modern Political Philosophy3 ch
This course surveys important political thinkers who shared the same phenomenological horizons as we late moderns. Thinkers examined in any given year may include Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Weber, Gramsci, Cassirer, Heidegger, Horkheimer, Arendt, Voegelin and Foucault. The course explores the explicit and implicit philosophical ground – metaphysical, ontological and epistemological – that guided each thinker and never loses sight of his/her particular response to the Aristotelean search for “the good life”.

POLS6443Feminist Issues in Political Thought3 ch
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POLS6445The Politics of Consent and Coercion3 ch
The course is intended to bring into sharper focus the often blurry line between consent and coercion in politics. It examines how consent has been used and manipulated in theory, in public discourse in North America,and in contemporary social movements. Case studies will have an emphasis on the role of consent in sexual and medical ethics and the law.
POLS6461Public Policy Analysis3 ch
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POLS6471When Bards are Bothered3 ch
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POLS6483Hegel and Marx3 ch
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POLS6491Topics in Comparative Politics3 ch
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POLS6492Topics in International Relations3 ch
Examines selected themes in the area of international relations -- for example: peace and conflict studies, the geo-politics of particular world regions, or theoretical approaches to international relations. Precise topics covered will vary depending on the instructor.
POLS6493Topics in Political Theory3 ch
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POLS6494Theories of Federalism3 ch
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POLS6495Gender and War: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives3 ch
This course considers theoretical, historical and epistemological issues surrounding the study of women, gender and war and exposes students to the broad range of genres and styles in which the subjects of women, gender and war are taken up. We will explore how war and militarism are gendered, as well as the ways in which the discipline of political science itself is gendered in its study of the subject of war. Writers to be covered include historical figures, such as Margaret Cavendish and Virginia Woolf, as well as contemporary feminist critics of international relations from Cynthia Enloe and Christine Sylvester to Sara Ruddick.
POLS6496Thucydides: War and Empire3 ch
This course will examine "Thucydides" History of the Peloponnesian War, with special focus on the politics of Athens and the author's of the War and the Athenian Empire.
POLS6505 Policy, Politics and Prostitution 3 ch
The proposed course is a gradyate kevek version of Pols 4505 Politics of Prostitution to be offered in conjunction with with Pols 4505. The course covers the theoretical and policy debates over the sex-trade. Topics covered include feminist theoretical debates on prostitution, comparative sex-work policy, men and youth in sex-work, and international debates on trafficking in persons. 
POLS6533Research Methods in Political Science3 ch
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POLS6615International Relations Theory3 ch
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POLS6617Citizenship, Justice, Democracy: South Africa3 ch
This course uses South Africa as a striking case study to explore notions of citizenship, justice and democracy, which are central yet highly contested ideals of modern democratic politics.
POLS6647Democratic Disengagement3 ch
Examines the sources of democratic discontent and declining political participation in Canada and other established democracies, along with potential remedies. Topics covered include civil society and social cohesion, the changing role of political parties and the merits of institutional changes such as electoral reform and direct democracy.
POLS6713The Global Economy in the New Millennium3 ch
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POLS6723The Rise of the Far Right3 ch

This graduate level course is offered in conjunction with the undergraduate level course POLS 4723 – The Rise of Far Right. Recent years have witnessed the rise of various political parties and movements of the far right in both Europe and North America.  This course will examine these organizations and the broader political environment in which they have emerged in order to better understand the causes and consequences of this troubling trend.

POLS6727The Politics of Global Health3 ch

This graduate level course is offered in conjunction with the undergraduate level course POLS 4727 – The Politics of Global Health. This course considers challenges in contemporary global health governance by examining the global response to a specific disease/health issue, focusing on how the global South is implicated in this governance and disease response. Questions we will explore include: how is health global? What is the relationship between ’the global’ and ‘the local’  in global health governance? How effective are various global health strategies, programs and frameworks, and in what ways do they have uneven effects on different populations and regions? What are the power relations between actors including states, international and multilateral organizations, social movements, and the private sector? What are the structural and political drivers of health inequity? This year, we will study these issues through critical assessment of the global response to  HIV/AIDS.

POLS6823International Political Analysis3 ch
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POLS6831Contemporary China3 ch
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POLS6851Independent Study in Political Science3 ch
Under the direction of a faculty member, students undertake independent study on a particular subject area within one sub-field of political science.
POLS6901Advanced Research Issues and Approaches in Political Science3 ch
Students will be introduced to various perspectives and approaches bearing on a single core theme in political science. Each year, the seminar is led by one faculty member who determines the theme to be examined in the course. Other faculty members participate in seminars on a regular basis, providing specific topics for consideration and required readings for seminar participations. The general aim is to provide students with an appreciation of the breadth of the discipline and to acquaint them with the particular research interests and approaches of UNB's political science faculty. 
POLS6911Major Research Paper Reading Course3 ch
Under the guidance of their supervisor, students will prepare a comprehensive bibliography and undertake preliminary reading in preparation for the Major Research Paper. Additional assignments will be determined by the student's supervisor. 
POLS6912Thesis Reading Course3 ch
Under the guidance of their supervisor, students will prepare a comprehensive bibliography and undertake preliminary reading in preparation for the Thesis. Additional assignments will be determined by the student's supervisor. 
POLS6994Major Research Essay 6 ch
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POLS6995Major Research Paper9 ch
Under the direction of a faculty supervisor, students prepare a major research paper which contributes to scholarly research. The paper is a substantial piece of research, reflecting a sound grasp of the relevant secondary literature and providing significant evidence of original thinking and analysis.Prerequisite: POLS 6911. 
POLS6997Master's ThesisCR
Normally completed over two academic years, with the thesis defence scheduled in the spring of the student's second year. Pre-requsites: POLS 6912.