Philosophy Courses 

PHIL6061Philosophy of Technology3 ch
A philosophical investigation of the nature of technology and the effects that technology has on our lives. We will consider questions such as the following: Does living in a technological society impact the way that we look at ourselves and at the world around us? What are the positive and negative effects of the continuing incorporation of computers into our lives? Does biotechnology offer the promise of better and healthier lives for human beings and other organisms, or is it an ethically suspect means of interfering with natural development?
PHIL6062Ethics and Environment3 ch
Murray Bookchin’s theory of social ecology incorporates ecological, anarchist, and Marxist elements in a way that has greatly influenced many environmentalists and social activists, particularly those opposed to increasing economic globalization. Bookchin’s thought suggests that we should be aiming to live in small-scale, self-sufficient, cooperative, egalitarian communities. The course critically examines the ideas of both Bookchin and those of some of his intellectual heirs and critics.
PHIL6201Selected Topics in Business Ethics3 ch
The course focuses on selected issues in business ethics and studies them in detail. Examples of topics that may be examined are: whistle blowing, harassment in the workplace, corporate responsibility, insider trading, privacy and affirmative action.