HIST6388Understanding the Virtual Past: Making Digital History3 ch
Will enable history graduate students to engage with the emerging field of digital history. Combining seminar discussions, archival and programming workshops, and individual web design, students will learn in theory and practice how virtual museum exhibits, historical websites and digital historical sources are shaped and can be accessed to shape historical consciousness, and create their own online content. Begins with several seminars built around the theoretical literature that critically examines forms of digital history, followed by workshops on the creation and maintenance of digital archives and hands-on workshops related to web content design. At the end of the course students gain an advanced understanding of the ways in which historical documents, artifacts, and other materials can be framed and reframed digitally to allow for new readings and interactions of the texts, artifacts and materials. Will conclude by requiring students to “make” digital history by: digitizing a historical source; create an interactive website; and prepare a theoretical analysis of their own process making digital history, assessing the ways in which new media creates and shapes historical consciousness.