DECH Auxiliary Scholarship for Nurse Practitioners

Category(s): Application to or Recommendation submitted by Department or Faculty

Department(s): Nursing

Administration: Internal

Field: Nursing

Value: $1,000

Number: 1

Duration: 1 year


In York, Victoria, Carleton, and Sunbury counties, Hospital Auxiliaries have been part of the health care environment for more than 110 years. Volunteers in the DECH Auxiliary make significant contributions to the delivery of patient care through their small business ventures which provide funding for enhancements to health care services. In choosing to support the education of Nurse Practitioners, the DECH Auxiliary explicitly recognizes the valuable role of Nurse Practitioners in expanding the range of care-provider options within health care services.
- Full-time MN students.
- If there are no eligible full-time applicants, the scholarship may be divided into two $500 awards for par-time students.
- Preference will be given to student residing in York, Victoria, Carleton or Sunbury County.
Apply: Applications for this award are submitted o the MN Program by June 1st of each year. The application is to include a description of the applicants' rationale for becoming a Nurse Practitioner and how he/she envisions the role the Regional Health Authority. The description will be reviewed by the Graduate Academic Unit Advisory Committee and the decision made based on the level of scholarship evident in the application.
Deadline: June 1st.

Awarding Agency: School of Graduate Studies

Apply: n/a

Deadline: n/a

Recommendation needed from faculty?: No

Citizenship: n/a

International: No

Gender: n/a

Campus: n/a

Full/Part time: Part time

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