David M. Armstrong Doctoral Fellowship

Category(s): Application to or Recommendation submitted by Department or Faculty

Department(s): Chemistry, Physics

Administration: Internal

Field: Chemistry and Physics

Value: $25,000

Number: 1

Duration: renewable for a maximum of 3 years


Recipients will be chosen on the basis of academic excellence. Nominees must be either Canadian citizens or hold Permanent Resident status. Renewal of the Fellowship is contingent upon a satisfactory progress report from the recipient's supervisor and Director of Graduate Studies, which will be reviewed by the selection committee.

Apply: Nominations must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies: Selection by a three-person committee appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies and composed of faculty members from the Physics and Chemistry GAUs. The committee will be chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies or designate (non-voting). A representative from the J.R. Armstrong Family Foundation will also participate in the selection process. Nominations must include the following: (1) academic transcripts from all institutions attended; (2) curriculum vitae, including information about awards, citations, publications, conference presentations, relevant research or job experience, et cetera; (3) a description of the candidate's dissertation topic, written either by the nominator or the candidate (please indicate the author). The committee understands that this proposal may not yet have been approved by the GAU concerned, but it will nonetheless require some statement of the candidate's intended area of doctoral research; (4) a letter of nomination from the Chair of Department, or Director of Graduate Studies in the GAU outlining why this candidate is worthy of nomination for this distinguished award; (5) any essay, poster, conference paper, or other piece of documentation that the nominator may wish to include as evidence of the qualities of the candidate. Donor: J.R. Armstrong Family Foundation

For more information, please contact sgsaward@unb.ca.

Awarding Agency: The University of New Brunswick

Apply: n/a

Deadline: n/a

Recommendation needed from faculty?: No

Citizenship: n/a

International: No

Gender: n/a

Campus: n/a

Full/Part time: Full time

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