After graduation

Congratulations on the completion of your UNB degree! As you take some time to celebrate your accomplishment, here are a few things that you may want to consider.

Staying in Canada

If you have an Off-Campus Work Permit (OCWP) you are eligible to begin working full-time as soon as you have received confirmation that you have completed your degree program. You are permitted to continue working full-time with the OCWP after completion of your degree.  It may take up to two months to receive your Post Graduation Work Permit so if you do not currently have an OCWP, you may want to apply for one so you can begin working full-time as soon as your degree is complete. 

Post Graduation Work Permit:  If you plan to stay in Canada and work after you graduate, you will need to apply for the Post Graduation Work Permit. Please note that you have 90 days to apply after completing your degree.

Immigrating to Canada:  If you plan to apply for your Permanent Residency status in Canada, please check with Citizenship and Immigration Canada for your options.

Looking for work: Don't forget that even as a UNB Alumnus you have access to all the resources of the UNB Saint John Employment Centre. Check postings online or access services like advice on resume writing and interview preparation. 

Health insurance

It is important to consider that your UNB Health Insurance is not valid when you are finished your courses.  For example, if you finish exams in April and plan to graduate in May, your UNB Health Coverage expires at the end of April. 

Health Insurance in New Brunswick: If you have a Post Graduation Work Permit (valid for at least a year) and you are living in New Brunswick, you are eligible to apply for New Brunswick Medicare. As soon as you receive your Post-Graduation Work Permit you should submit an application for New Brunswick Medicare.

Temporary Health Insurance: It is recommended that all students make arrangements for temporary health insurance for the time after their university health insurance expires and before they either leave the country, or are eligible for a provincial health insurance plan. Check out Student Guard for temporary health insurance rates.

Staying in New Brunswick

Under the New Brunswick Tuition Rebate, anyone, from anywhere in the world, who on or after January 1, 2005, pays tuition, graduates from an eligible post-secondary institution, lives and works in New Brunswick and pays New Brunswick personal income tax, will be eligible for a non-taxable rebate of 50% of their tuition costs with a maximum lifetime rebate of $20,000.

The rebate can be claimed once personal income tax returns are filed for the previous taxation year, and a Notice of Assessment is received from the Canada Revenue Agency. The tuition rebate may be claimed any time up to 20 years from the first year that credit is earned, and the maximum rebate that may be claimed in any given year is $4,000.  Unused balances may be carried forward and claimed against future New Brunswick personal income tax, until the lifetime maximum of $20,000 is reached.

UNB Alumni

Now that you have completed your degree you are automatically a member of the UNB Associated Alumni and you will be added to the UNB Alumni database. Stay connected with the UNB Associated Alumni for information on services available to you and upcoming alumni events.