Inversa Systems

Inversa Systems

Back-scattered radiation is a technique with the capacity to create images of internal defects within critical infrastructure. Backscatter computed tomography (BCT) technology has the unique ability to inspect infrastructure of almost any material, in detail, non-destructively, and with single-side access.

The former CEO of Inversa, Paul (Jake) Arsenault’s PhD work formed the basis for Inversa in 2003. He was able to transform his PhD thesis into a business opportunity by developing this unique imaging technology. In 2005, Jake started Inversa Systems and consistently received advice from his colleagues and professors at UNB, the Office of Research Services and the knowledgeable businesspeople at the Wallace McCain Institute.

With Inversa's headquarters located in Fredericton, NB, BCT imaging was pioneered in the Laboratory for Threat Material Detection (LTMD) at UNB, and was patented in October 2007. With its proprietary diagnostic imaging system, Inversa has helped make maintenance decisions in industrial infrastructure easier.

Using elite analytic equipment and software, Inversa provides a clear depiction of the infrastructure’s overall health. With this information, maintenance and operational decision-making is made more effective and reliable.

Currently, Inversa Systems is led by UNB alumni, John Bowles, and is working to develop the next generation of backscatter computer tomography technologies to enable its use beyond present niche markets by third parties for a wider variety of industrial functions.