Eigen Innovations

Eigen Innovations

Today’s production line is very complex and modern machines generate extreme amounts of data; because of this many companies are unable to process the data and therefore are unable to use it. Eigen Innovations saw this issue as an opportunity and came up with a solution.

Eigen has developed an intelligent industrial vision analytics platform called Intellexon®. The platform collects data from existing factory equipment or with cost-effective smart sensors and then combines the data from the multiple sources into a simplified interface. Once the data is combined, an operator can easily identify and define commonalities and outliers in the data.

After analyzing data, the system becomes smarter and can then anticipate and take corrective actions on potential problems before they become operating issues. This is helping companies improve their production, while also reducing waste and costs. The methodology behind taking these corrective actions is being developed in collaboration with University of New Brunswick researcher and co-founder Rickey Dubay.

Eigen Innovations was founded in Fredericton, New Brunswick in 2012 with the help of a $250,000 investment from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF). The funding was said to be a step in the development of New Brunswick’s industrial Internet of Things (IoT) cluster, where automated systems collect data from machines and give instructions faster and with more precision than humans. There are estimates that 50 billion devices will be connected to each other like this by the end of the decade.

Eigen Innovations went on to compete in the Internet of Things Grand Innovation Challenge, where out of the 3000 companies from over 100 countries Eigen Innovations managed to become one of the six remaining companies, securing themselves a spot in the ‘Super Six’ of the challenge and the only remaining Canadian company.

Due to their success in the competition, Eigen Innovations received an exclusive invitation to the IoT World Forum held in Dubai in December 2015. There, they had the opportunity to give their pitch to an esteemed group of industry leaders. Eigen was successful in their efforts and left the World Forum winning 3rd place in the Grand Innovation Challenge.