Point of Interest

Destruction of Village of Sainte Anne

Street Address: Fredericton, NB

In the fall of 1758, Colonel Robert Monckton was directed to eliminate French control of the St John River Valley. On arrival he concentrated on seizing control of the river mouth and building Fort Frederick. Once established, a company of Massachusetts rangers under command of Captain John McCurdy was ordered to reconnoiter the French settlements along the river. Unfortunately, on the first night out, McCurdy was killed by a falling tree and command passed to Lieutenant Moses Hazen. On 18 February 1759, twenty-two rangers reached Ste Anne des Pays-Bas, now the location of Fredericton, where they found a sizeable village. Most of the inhabitants had fled up river and the rangers burned 147 buildings, including two chapels, a large storehouse, barns, stables, and granaries. They killed and scalped six men, and carried away as captives four men, two women, and three children. Lamentably, during the withdrawal the rangers committed several atrocities. The Fredericton Region Museum has an exhibit covering this event.

Robert Monckton

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