Point of Interest

WWII American Landing Ships in Musquash Estuary

Latitude: 45.193117
Longitude: -66.271829

Two abandoned hulks beached in the Musquash Estuary west of the City of Saint John, and a third submerged in the middle of the estuary, have been identified by Darren McCabe, an amateur New Brunswick historian, as American naval craft from World War Two. One of the beached craft is Landing Ship Medium (LSM) #56, which was involved in the assault and occupation of the Island of Okinawa in 1945. These landing craft were originally 62 meters in length. They were sold after the war and by 1947 were purchased by Charles N. Wilson, who owned a tugboat company and dry dock in Saint John. They were used to transport logs between New Brunswick and Maine. It is not known when they were abandoned at Musquash.