Point of Interest

Fort Frederick

Latitude: 45.262784
Longitude: -66.074717

When Colonel Robert Monckton arrived at the mouth of the St John River in September 1758, he set about immediately to build a strong fort on the site of Villebon's fort. A 1763 plan of the fort shows a small star-shaped fortification. That first winter the garrison consisted of 300 mens under command of Major Roger Morris. A major storm in November 1759 washed away a portion of the ramparts and destroyed the storehouse. Temporary repairs were made. The British garrison remained until 1768, when it was withdrawn to help suppress unrest in Boston. In August 1775, an American Rebel privateer from Machias, Maine pillaged Fort Frederick and burned it down. To protect the western side of the inner harbour, the fort was rebuilt in 1812. A small plaque marking its location is found near the former entrance to the toll booth.