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Survey results on mental health impacts of COVID-19 in New Brunswick

Author: Sandra Magalhaes, Madeleine Gorman-Asal, Chandy Somayaji
Year: 2021
Category: Health Publications

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This research seeks to describe the impacts that specific physical, social, or economic factors are having on the mental health of New Brunswickers overall, as well as for specific subgroups in our communities. 

In August 2020, Pollara Strategic Insights and Mental Health Research Canada carried out an online survey asking New Brunswickers to indicate the impact a particular factor had on their mental health. Our research analyzes responses to questions regarding social and economic factors and recreational activities.

We also examine survey questions on changes in the frequency of respondents’ negative behaviours, such as cannabis use, alcohol use, and household conflict, as well as on perceptions of confidence in their ability to recover from the challenges of the pandemic.