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Socioeconomic status and anterior epistaxis in adult population

Author: Pourya Masoudiana, J. Ted McDonald, Andrea Lasso, Shaun J. Kilty
Year: 2018
Category: Health Publications

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Little was known about the role of socioeconomic status as a risk factor for epistaxis in adult population. The objective of this study was to determine whether socioeconomic status influences the presentation to emergency department for anterior epistaxis in an adult population.


A total of 351 cases of anterior epistaxis were included. The mean age was 70 years and 51% of patients were male. The patients were stratified into two groups based on whether their age was equal to and above, or below 75 years. Our analysis indicated that those 75 years or older in higher income quintiles have an increased risk of anterior epistaxis compared to the subjects in the lower income quintiles (P < 0.05). This association did not hold true for those younger than 75 years or for all age groups combined.


There is an association between higher socioeconomic status and the presentation to the emergency department with anterior epistaxis in the population older than 75 years but not in younger patients.