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Examining the shape of the association between low levels of fine particulate matter and mortality across three cycles of the Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort

Author: Amanda J. Pappin, Tanya Christidis, Lauren L. Pinault, Dan L. Crouse, Jeffrey R. Brook, Anders Erickson, Perry Hystad, Chi Li, Randall V. Martin, Jun Meng, Scott Weichenthal, Aaron van Donkelaar, Michael Tjepkema, Michael Brauer, and Richard T. Burnett
Year: 2019
Category: Health Publications

Read the journal article in the Lancet Planetary Health Journal

Ambient fine particulate air pollution with aerodynamic diameter 2.5μm (PM2.5) is an important contributor to the global burden of disease. Information on the shape of the concentration–response relationship at low concentrations is critical for estimating this burden, setting air quality standards, and in benefits assessments.