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Does socioeconomic status affect stage at presentation for larynx cancer in Canada’s universal health care system?

Author: Diana Khalil, Martin J. Corsten, Margaret Holland, Adele Balram, James Ted McDonald, Stephanie Johnson-Obaseki
Year: 2019
Category: Health Publications

Read the journal article in Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery

Diagnosis of laryngeal cancer is dependent on awareness that persistent hoarseness needs to be investigated as well as access to an otolaryngologist. This study aimed to better classify and understand 3 factors that may lead to variability in stage at presentation of laryngeal cancer: (1) socioeconomic status (SES), (2) differences in access to health care by location of residence (rural vs urban or by province), and (3) access to an otolaryngologist (by otolaryngologists per capita).