Employment Equity

On March 7, 1988, the University of New Brunswick signed a Certificate of Commitment under the Federal Contractors Program to implement employment equity at the University.
In signing the Certificate of Commitment, the University made a special commitment to help advance specific groups which, in the past, have been disadvantaged in employment. These groups are: women, aboriginal people, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities.
The University is taking special measures to increase the representation of these groups where there are inequities in its workforce. One of the ways we are monitoring the success of these measures is by collecting relevant data.
To assist us, we request that applicants for employment opportunities at the University of New Brunswick complete a confidential voluntary self-identification form.


AUNBT-UNB Joint Equity Committee

Designated Groups

Employment Equity Workforce Survey: Count Me UNB! 2017 FAQ's

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding employment equity at (506) 453-4648 or to our e-mail address: equity@unb.ca