Fee schedules

Published on authority of the Board of Governors effective Sept. 1, 2022

Schedule "A" permit fees (includes HST)

Faculty and staff

  • Three (3) term permit (Sept. 1 to August 31): $307
  • 10 month permit: $257
  • Two (2) term permit: $207
  • Two (2) term permit (part-time): $142
  • One (1) term permit: $142
  • One (1) term permit (part time employee only): $97
  • Month pass: $46


  • Three (3) term permit: $201
  • 10 month permit: $168
  • Two (2) term permit (most common): $136
  • One (1) term permit: $94
  • Daily permit: (i) up to 7 days per year. (for each registered vehicle)
  • Daily permit: (i) up to 7 days per year. (for each registered vehicle)
    (Note: You must already have a valid pass)
  • (ii) for additional days (8 or more), daily charge will be: $5
  • Staff, faculty and students without an annual or term permit, daily charge: $5
  • Visitor (permits required): $5
  • Replacement of decal type permit: $13
  • Replacement of lost/stolen permit (either type) same price as original permit

Schedule "B" fines

  • Failure to properly display authorized vehicle parking permit as required: $20
  • Failure to notify the Security & Traffic Department of a change of address, vehicle ownership or registration as originally shown on permit application form: $20
  • Obstruction of University Security & Traffic personnel or any employee of the University acting in the discharge of duties related to traffic and parking: $32
  • Operating a vehicle on campus at any speed greater than the posted speed limit: $32
  • Operating a vehicle in such a manner as to contravene Provincial Motor Vehicle Legislation and/or University Traffic and Parking Regulations: $32
  • Failure to obey University traffic control devices: $32
  • Operating a vehicle on other than campus roadways and parking lots: $32
  • Operating a bicycle, skateboard, rollerblade or scotter contrary to these regulations: $32

Unauthorized parking

  • (i) Parking in visitor parking or service parking: $32
  • (ii) Parking in an area without a valid permit for that area: $20
  • (iii) Parking in such a way as to impede, block or obstruct maintenance, construction, or free flow of traffic: $32
  • (iv) Parking within a crosswalk; in front of a fire hydrant; on a path; sidewalks; lawn or landscaped area; in a driveway or driving lane; or in an emergency lane: $32
  • (v) Parking on a street, roadway or any other area not designated as a parking area: $32
  • (vi) Parking a vehicle incorrectly so as to extend into an adjacent or opposite parking stall or space, or extend beyond a dividing line or in any manner that interferes with the maximum usage of the parking location: $20
  • (vii) Parking in a tow-away zone: $32
  • (viii) Parking so as to obstruct snow removal: $32
  • (ix) Parking or storing a bicycle inside a University building or in such a manner as to create a pedestrian, safety or maintenance problem: $20
  • (x) Vehicle Immobilizer (Installation/Removal): $52
  • (xi) Parking in a Disabled Parking Spot without a valid permit: $130

Schedule "C" appeal fees

  • Level I Appeal: No charge
  • Level II Appeal: Appeal Board: $25