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Faculty of Law

Tina Madore honoured with Distinguished Service Award

To say that Tina Madore is “Proudly UNB” would be an understatement. Over her 19+ years with the university, she has epitomized the values of our institution—she is hardworking and dedicated, respectful and collegial, and most of all, kind and caring. Tina’s exceptional performance and outstanding contributions to the university have earned her well-deserved recognition as a 2023 President's Distinguished Service Award recipient.

With friends, family, and colleagues in attendance at the spring awards ceremony, Tina shared the following words of thanks: “It means so much to me to be recognized for doing a job that I absolutely love. When I drive on the UNB campus, I am filled with a sense of pride. When I walk into the UNB Law building, I get a larger sense of pride. When a student walks into my office and calls me by name, that just blows me away. We’re a small faculty, but we’re a large family.”

For the first 15 years of her career at UNB, Tina worked for the Communications and Marketing Offices. In the early days of her career, Tina was the voice of UNB, working the switchboard to connect callers with various departments. She was the warm and welcoming first point of contact for the university.

She served as administrative support for the department offering her expertise in the areas of budgeting, planning, and logistics, to name a few. During this time, she developed an impressive reputation as a diligent, reliable, kind-hearted, and energetic professional.

In September 2019, Tina joined the Faculty of Law as the Dean’s Assistant, a role she has embraced with the same undeniable passion and care. Despite the competing demands on her time, Tina is always one of the first to volunteer to help when any of our students, staff, or faculty need support with a project or event.

She can be counted on to attend and support our many annual events at UNB Law, such as Awards Night, Grad Dinner, the Viscount Bennett lecture, and the Rand lecture. No matter how busy she may be, Tina is always quick to genuinely ask, “what can I do to help?”

When most of the University community was working from home due to COVID-19, Tina was the first staff member to return to regular in-person work in the Law Building. As a result, she became the primary drafter of our COVID-19 operational plans and she took on the responsibility of all in-person tasks at the Law Building, including many tasks that fell outside the scope of her usual role.

Tina is also an avid financial supporter of UNB Law, and she was one of the first donors to support the renovation of our student lounge. Tina’s enthusiasm and pride for UNB Law is infectious and inspiring.

On top of her strong work ethic, Tina’s colleagues across campus and within UNB Law adore her. She is friendly and kind to everyone. She shows up to work every day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She exudes warmth and genuinely cares about her colleagues, students, and alumni.

Tina plays a big role in the positive morale at UNB Law. She is always aware of her colleague’s life milestones (good and bad), ensuring there is always a card or thoughtful gift. Most of the informal gatherings at UNB Law are organized by Tina, and she always takes the extra time, attention, and care to ensure that our events and workspaces are welcoming and festive.

Tina is the heart of UNB Law. Her endless contributions and tireless commitment to the University and the Faculty of Law make her a worthy recipient of this honour.

“This award is a testament to Tina’s unwavering commitment to not just the Faculty of Law, but the entire university,” said Dean Marin. “Her dedication goes beyond the ordinary; she is an incredible asset to our law school.”