Ruth Shaw

Professor Emerita in Computer Science

Convocation Ceremony: November 7, 2020

Dr. Shaw has given her whole career to the university and we are pleased to bestow on her the ranking of Professor Emerita, a mark of distinguished service, awarded on retirement to deserving nominees.

Dr. Shaw has been affiliated with both the Department of Computer Science and the Faculty of Science Applied Science and Engineering at UNB Saint John for several decades, first as an undergraduate student, then as a graduate student and finally as a professor, chair and Dean.

Her successes, since becoming a full-time faculty member of UNB 1994 include teaching awards (the 1998 Dr. Allan P. Stewart Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching and the 2006 Departmental Award for Teaching Excellence), mentoring of seven graduate students, authoring of 50 refereed publications, 17 scholarly presentations, and securing upwards of $200k in research funding. Her service to UNB has been exemplary winning her four merit awards (1998/99, 2002/03, 2007/08, 2017/18).

While serving two terms as Dean of Science, Applied Science & Engineering from 2008 – 2016, she worked tirelessly on behalf of her Faculty supporting students, research, and governance of resources at UNB. She has an impressive list of accomplishments including the expansion of the Department of Nursing & Health Sciences, the Department of Biological Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, alignment of undergraduate computer science degree programs between campuses, MPHEC approval of the Data Analytics Certificate and successful applications for CRC (I and II), ACOA and Jarislowsky Chair positions.

In January, 2017 she returned to the Computer Science department where, in addition to teaching, she resumed the role of chief coordinator of the highly successful New Brunswick High School Programming Competition - initiated during her chair-ship of the CS department in the 2000's. Ruth was featured on the radio and news media for these activities. She has long been making tireless and selfless contributions championing CS and STEM disciplines, including a NSERC WISE Atlantic workshop for female faculty.

As if this was not enough, she also took on a special project from President Campbell, as project lead for health research and programming initiatives at UNB Saint John. Ruth is particularly adept in stakeholder engagement and her ability to reach out and establish new partnership has been a tremendous resource for the campus. Her achievements in this capacity resulted in the UNB Saint John Academic Plan Subcommittee Report on Health Initiatives, the establishment of the bi-campus Graduate Academic Unit in Health, the proposal for a Health Research Institute on the UNB Saint John campus and a new NB-IRDT / RDC site at UNB Saint John.

Overall her work in this area has been commended in writing, in the strongest possible terms, by two Vice-Presidents, the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Regional Director of Research Services at Horizon Health and many faculty members involved in Health Research at UNB, and resulted in her well-deserved fourth merit award.

Today we are in no doubt that her leadership in driving new health initiatives at UNB has been pivotal in placing our campus and university, at the forefront of health research and programming in New Brunswick. Dr. Shaw demonstrated exemplary leadership at a crucial time for UNB and made a pivotal contribution which will likely be recognised in years to come as transformational for the University and the Saint John campus. We are happy that she will join us again as Professor Emerita.

Dr. Ruth Shaw is most deserving of the honour of professor emerita at the University of New Brunswick.