Stephen E. Patterson

Professor Emeritus in History

Encaenia Ceremony B: May 20, 2004

One of the most recognizable individuals on the Encaenia platform is Stephen Patterson, university orator.

In this capacity, Dr. Patterson has announced the name of every undergraduate to receive a degree from this campus since 1988.  He has also researched, written and delivered over 100 honorary degree citations.

Dr. Patterson has been teaching history at UNB since 1964.  He has served as chairperson of the history department, director of its graduate program and co-ordinator of UNB's fine arts program.

He is an active scholar and has been researching and writing in the field of Colonial North American history since his days as a graduate student.  With his most recent work in the area of aboriginal history, Dr. Patterson has undertaken major research projects on behalf of the federal government and several provincial governments.

His recent work reflects these interests as he continues to research aboriginal rights, and plans several books on 18th century America.  He is the author of over 30 scholarly papers and articles, numerous scholarly reviews and a major monograph.

Dr. Patterson has served on several UNB committees, the Board of Governors and the Senate.