Saad El Khadem

Professor Emeritus in German and Russian

Convocation: October 22, 1995

Saad El Khadem retired in 1995 after 27 years with the department of German and Russian in Fredericton.

In 1974, he founded the International Fiction Review, a semi-annual journal, and served as editor for 42 issues. Dr. El Khadem has published extensively in German and Arabic as well as English. His works include books, scholarly articles, book reviews, collections of plays and short stories, micro-novels, and poems.

He has also translated four German books into Arabic, six Arabic books into English and published a textbook for one of the University of New Brunswick's German courses.

A two-time recipient of UNB's Merit Award, Dr. El Khadem served his department as chairperson for 16 years and director of graduate studies for 12 years.