Fredericton's Emeritus Honorees

Chronological list by year and ceremony

Unless otherwise noted, the individuals listed received the professor emeritus/a designation.

d = deceased    
* = did not attend ceremony

1990 Convocation James A. Easterbrook (d) Psychology
Lauriat Lane, Jr. (d) English
1991 BOG Meeting Reginald Tweeddale (d) Governor Emeritus
Convocation Robert E. Burridge Vice-President (Academic) Emeritus
Donald R. Rowan English
1992 Convocation Lady Violet Aitken Chancellor Emerita
Reinhold Kaiser Physics
1993 Convocation Willis D. Hamilton Education
A. Lawrence Levine Economics
Zdenek Valenta Chemistry
1994 Convocation Shirley Y. Alcoe Nursing
David R. Morris Chemical Engineering
A. Jeyaratnam Wilson (d) Political Science
1995 Convocation Saad E. A. El Khadem Germain & Russian
Friedrich Grein Chemistry
Donald A. MacIver Education
Robert N. Scott Electrical Engineering
1996 Encaenia Eric C. Garland (d) Associate Vice-President (Administration) Emeritus
Convocation Michael Burt Biology
Jules Picot Chemical Engineering
T. William Acheson History
Gilbert D. Allardryce History
Wallace Brown History
Harold Hinds (d) Senior Teaching Associate Emeritus in Biology
Margardia Krause Biology
Graham Powell Forestry & Environmental Management
Frank R. Wilson Vice-President (Research & International Co-operation) Emeritus
Private Ceremony Anthony R. Pugh French
1998 Arts Council Fernando Poyatos Spanish & Latin American Cultures
Convocation Adam Chrzanowski Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering
Dalton London Education
Brian Tupper Mathematics & Statistics
Ram Verma Physics
David Wells Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering
Ronald Lees Physics
Paul McDonnell Psychology
Israel Unger Chemistry, Dean Emeritus
Dana Wasson Computer Science, Dean Emeritus
James O'Sulivan Vice-President (Finance & Administration) Emeritus
2000 Encaenia (A) Kunhiraman P.K. Nair Administration, Dean Emeritus
Encaenia (B) Lawrence Shyu History
Beverley Smith Law
Encaenia (C) Ian Methven Forestry & Environmental Management, Dean Emeritus
James Venart Mechanical Engineering
Frank Bottomley Chemistry
Phillip Buckner History*
C. Ann Cameron Psychology
Franz Eppert Culture & Language Studies*
Wolfgang Faig Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering, Dean Emeritus
2001 Encaenia (A) Dorothy MacKeracher Education
Mary Lou Stirling Education
Encaenia (B) Neil MacGill Philosophy, Residence Fellow Emeritus
Encaenia (C) Uday Gujar (d) Computer Science
Petr Vanicek Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering
BOG Meeting M. Patrick Gillin Governor Emeritus
Convocation Penny Ericson Nursing, Dean Emeritus
Ernest Forbes History