Joseph White



Earth Sciences

Forestry/Geology 114

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Current research interests

Fracture, Friction and Flow

The geometry, kinematics and processes of deformation form the core of the research program, with special emphasis on application of electron-beam techniques to microstructural and microchemical studies. Transmission electron microscopy forms a significant component of the research.

Large-scale fault zones commonly act as study areas, with projects along the Minas fault zone, Nova Scotia, and the Denali fault system, Yukon. Microstructural studies from various fault zone drilling projects currently include the San Andreas Fault (SAFOD), the Alpine Fault, NZ (DFDP) and plate margin megathrust of the Tohoku-Oki earthquake, Japan (JFAST).

Selected publications

Zibra, I., White, J.C., Menegon, L., Dering, G., and Gessner, K. 2018.  The ultimate fate of synmagmatic shear zone: interplay between rupturing and ductile flow in a cooling granite pluton.  Journal of Structural Geology 110, 1-23.

Phillips, N.J., and White, J.C. 2017.  Grain size dependent strength of phyllosilicate-rich gouges in the shallow crust: Insights from the SAFOD site.  J. Geophys. Res. Soild Earth, 122, 5789-5812, doi: 10.1002/2016JB013828

Siman-Tov, Shalev, Brodsky, E.E., Stock, G.M., and White, J.C. 2017.  The capping shear-layer of glacial polish.  Geology 45 (11): 987-990.  doi: https//

Milles, S.G., Gerbi, C., Marsh, J.H., Yates, M.F., Seaman, S.J., and White, J.C. 2017.  Tectonic and chemical implications of cathodoluminescent microstructures in quartz, Parry Sound domain, Ontario, Canada.  Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 54(6): 677-692, doi:10.1139/cjes-2016-0168.

Rogowitz, A., White, J.C., and Grasemann, B. 2016.  Strain localization in ultramylonite marbles by simultaneous activation of dislocation motion and grain boundary sliding (Syros, Greece).  Solid Earth, 7, 355-366.

Hadizadeh, J., Tullis, T.E., White, J.C. and Konkachbaev, A.I. 2015.  Shear localization, velocity weakening behavior, and development of cataclastic foliation in experimental granite gouge. Journal of Structural Geology 71, 86-99.

Kushnir, A.R.L., Kennedy, L.A., Misra, S., Benson, P. and White, J.C. 2015.  The mechanical and microstructural behaviour of calcite-dolomite composites: An experimental investigation.  Journal of Structural Geology, 70, 200-216.

Kirkpatrick, J.D., Rowe, C.D., White, J.C. and Brodsky, E.E. 2013. Silica gel formation during fault slip: Evidence from the rock record. Geology 41, 1015–1018.

White, J.C. 2012. Paradoxical pseudotachylyte – Fault melt outside the seismogenic zone. Journal of Structural Geology 38, 11-20.


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White, J.C., and Lin, Aiming, 2016.  Ultracataclasites and Tectonic Fluidization Along Active Faults, Arima-Takasuki Tectonic Line, Japan - A TEM Study.  In: Properties of Active Fault Damage Zone and Fault Dating, Am. Gerophys. Un. Abstract T42A-02.  Fall Mtg., San Francisco.

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